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Red palm oil is pressed from the fruit of the oil palm. In its raw or virgin state, palm oil is a deep, rich orange-red color due to its extremely high vitamin A content. Virgin palm oil is also rich in vitamin E.

While the oil palm originated in tropical West Africa, it is now commonly grown in South America and Asia as well. Unfortunately much of the palm oil grown for today's marketplace comes from commercial monoculture plantations in Asia, which are extremely destructive to the environment and have severely impacted Orangutans and their habitat.

Alaffia red palm oil is hand-pressed in Togo from native Dura oil palm fruits. The oil is extracted using traditional techniques by our Shea Butter Cooperative members under fair trade conditions. We source our palm fruits from small family farms that pass Alaffia's strict internal control conditions (small farm size, organic farming methods, no child labor). Farmers are paid fair trade prices for the palm fruits, which are harvested by hand.

Since it has not been refined in any way, Alaffia Authentic Red Palm Oil contains all its natural vitamins and antioxidants. Red palm oil contains about 15 times more carotenoids (vitamin A) than carrots, which is what gives it a rich, deep red color. It also contains high amounts of vitamin E, both tocopherols and tocotrienols, which are gaining increasing attention for their antioxidant properties. The native Dura variety of palm fruits provides a deep red, rich oil with highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients.

Red Palm Fruit
Dura oil palm fruits, Togo, West Africa

Red Palm Harvest
Harvesting oil palm fruits, Togo, West Africa

Authentic West African Red Palm Oil
Red Palm Fruit