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Testimonials from Alaffia Customers

My search for shampoo for my daughters kinky hair is over! The Virgin Coconut & Shea Shampoo is great, it thoroughly cleanses without stripping the moisture from her hair.
I purchased the Alaffia shea butter and goat milk facial soap for the first time. I LOVE it! The rich butter and oils feel so good on my face. Thanks so much for such a great product!
This IS the best lip balm I've ever tried! And I have tried many, searching especially for fair trade and organic. Many nice yummy ones just don't last! This lip balm lasts!! As I get older, my lips are getting drier and drier - this lip balm has a wonderful smell, a wonderful smooth feel, and it lasts - I slather it on! Thank you for such excellent products, and your excellent work!
-Lisa Russell
I only use natural products on my hair. I have been using Yes to Carrots for a year or so, but my hair needed a change. I love this conditioner. It smells good, my 4a-c hair feels soft and conditioned. I am eager to try the other products in your line.
I love this cream! I tend to have oily skin with blemishes, but during the winter, my skin gets very dry (and oily at the same time!). This cream is perfect for me. It provides great moisture, but it absorbs quickly so that I'm not left with a shiny face. The antibacterial properties of the neem and tea tree oil also seem to be helping my acne. I hope that Alaffia never stops producing this stuff because it has become my "holy grail" moisturizer.
-Ms. Monique
So pure - I love this cream so much. Tried it because I loved the coconut body cream my naturopath recommended. These products glide on and feel so pure without a lot of chemicals. My skin looks radiant after a few days of use. Radiance is apt!!!
Love the Shampoo! Talk about easy on the hair but still nice and clean and makes my hair feel nice all day long.
I am 66 I have tryed many face creams. When I first tryed this product it made my skin feel so good. It no longer looks dryed or dull. I am so glad that I found it.
-Sally Holmes
Great for sensitive skin: I have very sensitive skin. I also deal with redness and acne. After trying a variety of facial soaps, I finally came across this. After washing my face the redness is instantly gone and my face is never left feeling tight, dry, or broken out. I will never use any other line of products!
I LOVE this shampoo! It smells absolutely heavenly and makes my hair feel divine! I really love that this product is fair trade and has minimal ingredients. I was so sad when I could no longer find Alaffia hair products at my local Whole Foods but am so relived to be able to shop online. (I tried other shampoos from whole foods, but honestly, nothing comes even close in the purity of ingredients). I've started using the neem moisturizer daily too and I absolutely love it!! So glad to have found this line!!!
-Sapna M.
I love love love this product: The fragrance is wonderful and it makes my hair soft, it feels and looks great. I don't feel the need to switch to a different product after using a bottle up. I use the conditioner too.
-Deborah Wood
I love the Kola, Ginger & Shea Daily Fortifying Shampoo. I can use it more than once a week because it doesn't strip my hair. My hair comes out so nice and soft. I end up with my hands in my hair all the time!
Wonderful skin care products. Love the bubble bath!
I recently purchased a bottle of your Neem & Shea Butter moisturizer and absolutely fell in love with the product. It has worked great for me.
-Cheryl-Lynn May
I love your facial care products. I get them at my local Sprouts store and I love that they are fair trade.
Love this stuff!!! Especially the hair lotion... its THE best :)
I love, love, love your Baobab and shea skin renewal face cream. It is so nourishing, rich, and gentle.
I purchased a bottle of your cocoa butter lotion recently from Whole Foods, and I absolutely love it; it's the best I ever tried!
I can't say enough about how your product has done alot for my "scalp" problem with lasting results!
I just have to say I absolutely love your products. I use the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer morning and night and the handcrafted shea butter at night. My skin has never looked so good! I'm not breaking out hardly at all, some of my redness has gone away, and it has faded my acne scars. I went to the store without makeup and was surprised at how good my skin looked when I passed a mirror. These are must-haves for me now and I am recommending to all my friends.
-Rachel Dumond
I had my hair shampooed and conditioned at Natural Alternative Salon ( Louisville) with Alaffia Coconut and Shea. Felt so good to pamper myself and use quality natural products.
-Cher Lyn
I have been spreading the news about Alaffia to everyone I know. I am a big fan and a great supporter.
Alaffia products are some of the highest-quality body products I have used. I'm happy to know my purchases are supporting real people and helping their lives on a practical, daily basis. It's obvious all the members of the collective care very deeply about the quality of their work. please pass along the love from USA to Togo!
-Normandi Wilson
Love the new baby shea butter! Its so gentle on my sensitive skin! Well done, Alaffia!
Alaffia Hair lotion is the only product that has ever really worked for my hair!!
-Lasha LaRue
I love both the day and night creams! The facial toners are wonderful too! Kudos to you Alaffia! :)
I love the coconut and Shea hydrating shampoos and the shea henna moisturizing conditioner. love love love
-Denise Milfort
Really love and respect your company,mission,products and standards. My daughter, Vicki, and I use quite a few different products of yours for hair and skin care.
I'm very glad I found your brand. I think everything you guys are setting out to do is pretty great. I love knowing that slathering this stuff on my skin has a great affect on a lot of people, rather than my old bottle of "curel" that was just trying to poison me with chemicals!
Alaffia products are some of the highest-quality body products I have used. I'm happy to know my purchases are supporting real people and helping their lives on a practical, daily basis. It's obvious Safietou and all the members of the collective care very deeply about the quality of their work. please pass along the love from USA to Togo!
-Normandie Wilson
I purchased Baobab & Shea Butter Skin Renewal Face Cream. Love your product!
I love your products and use the face cleanser, face cream (renewal) and night cream. I love what you are doing!
My daughter purchased this face cream for me in Minneapolis and I absolutely love it!
Love the rose and geranium shea butter, helped my hands get thru the winter!
-Stephanie Lee Moses
Great products.... Love the face creams they have done wonders for my sensitive skin.
-Amy Milano
I am so in love with what your company is doing, not to mention your products! I love and totally recommend: Everyday Shea Unscented Shampoo; Coconut & Shea Daily Conditioner; Beautiful Curls Intensive Conditioning Treatment and... my #1! Beautiful Curls Curl Shaping Cream. Nothing, literally NOTHING has ever done so much for my hair! I am in eternal bliss and forever devoted to your products! Un Milln de Gracias!
-Andre Que Tal
I feel soooo good about buying this product! It is good for the people who make it and women in that community and for my skin! Thank You!
-Jennifer Matsen
Thank you for the best body lotion and I am glad I will be able to continue buying it.
My boyfriend recommended Alaffia to me, i just tried the Honey, Oats and Shea Soap, I really love it! Definitely will recommend it to my friends.
-Li Xu
I can't tell you how much I LOVE your cocoa butter intensive lotion and cocoa butter body cream. I use it every single day. It has tremendously helped my eczema and dry skin. I have used many many products from natural health stores and nothing compares to your amazing product. Please don't ever stop making it! :)
Hello, I recently discovered your line and have bought your shampoos, conditioners, bodywash, and soap. I love them!
We received our order today. What great service!
-Galen Walter
Hey Alaffia Folks! Really love your products.
-Roberta Anne Schrang
I love your products that I have sampled and found the baobob face lotion to be the exact feel I want.
-Michal Bennett
I absolutely love your facial cleansers and creams, as well as your organization's mission.
-Lily Hotchkiss
I'm currently using 6 of your hair and skincare prodcuts and I'm really impressed with them.
-Holly Horner
I love your Shea Butter Body Milk Vanilla Almond lotion.
-Elissa Bell
I have to say I really like your products I have shampoo, body lotion and now the face cream that really helps me get though the winter here with out dried out skin and hair. I work outside and need all the help I can get! Thanks.
I am enjoying your Skin Renewal Face Cream.
-Anne Knauff
Fantastic product! After trying several other products that exacerbated my problem I tried this product it workrd tremendously without irritating my skin as did the others.
I purchased the travel size of your Shea & Honey Nourishing Shampoo at Whole Foods earlier this week. I noticed your display as I was in the check out line and decided to give your product a try. For me at least your product is amazing. While shampooing my hair it felt as if my hair was just soaking up the product. I noticed that my curl pattern seems to loosen up and my hair felt noticeably softer. I have had problems with a dry and irritated scalp since childhood and immediately my scalp felt soothed. After my hair dried I could not believe how soft my hair was without having to use any type of product and my scalp feels better than it has in years. I will be purchasing your full size shampoo and conditioner this week! I will mention your product to others that I know of African descent who are looking for a good natural product. Thank you for producing a wonderful product. Also, I love your fair trade principle and I like to support local producers.
-Tracey Perry
I have to tell you that I absolutely love Alaffia products. Nothing compares! Most of all; however, I love the concept of your company and I buy fair trade products always when I can.
-Nicole Fullerton
I'm so glad that your company produces the African Black Soap. It's the only bar soap that I can consistently find that is made with potash and not laboratory potasium or sodium hydroxide. I pray you continue to carry this product for many years!
-Andrew in Overland Park
First off I would like to say that I absolutely love Alaffia products. I have been also using your haircare products and lotion products and cannot live without them! I love how you are a company that actually cares about the ingredients you use, as well as the source. I switched over to your line a while ago because my sister kept telling me that I am just putting chemicals in my hair almost all my life (not a nice thought), and she recommended Alaffia to me. I was immediately hooked and now recommend it to everyone! So thank you so much!
I am in love with your black soap and shea butter. They are both of the purest quality. The black soap leaves my skin silky smooth unlike other black soaps I've used, and it is not grainy like other black soaps. The shea butter is sooo creamy. Your products are the best African products I've used. I will definitely continue to order your products for me and my family.
I just wanted to write and tell you how much I like the Rooibos & Shea Butter Antioxidant Facial Cleanser. I bought my first bottle a while back and when I ran out, I bought a cream cleanser made by another company out of convenience. I recently bought another bottle of the Alaffia cleanser and I realize how much I missed it! I like how it "gets the day off my face" and leaves my skin feeling clean but comfortable and soft. Also, the smell is incredible.Thank you for such a wonderful product and I love that my purchase supports empowering women - sustainably!
Sincerely, Sarah
I want to share from my experience with the soaps. I tested two different soaps that I wanted to try them on. After shower, I felt moisture from my skin and it did not dry. I tried one soap for 2 days and the other soap for one day. I felt no itchy and dry. My skin felt so calm and moisture all day and night. These soaps smell so wonderful. I ordered 3 soaps and shea butter moisturing cream that I would like to try. I just placed order today! I am sure that 3 soaps and cream are wonderful. I had 3 lotions (cocoa butter, red palm and virgin coconut)long time ago. All of them were great! I love the smell!
I have been using your products for over a year now, and last year I sent everyone I know a bottle of lotion and a beautiful handmade soap. The lotions are thick and creamy and the soaps are little treasures. It is pure luxury at a fantastic price. I have extremely pale white, sensitive skin and have never found anything that works before NOW! I even emailed Oprah and a couple of magazines raving about your products. I am impressed! Thank you!
- Heidy
I sent a suggestion to GoodGuide ( that they rate Alaffia's products (I'm sure they will be very highly rated). I absolutely love your products as well as your fair trade philosophy, so I hope this will bring you more business.
Usually no news is good news! But I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your lotion. Myself and both of my kids have extremely sensitive skin. As well as being health consicous of toxic ingredents in products. You make a great product that isn't over the top expensive! Thanks so much
This is the best lotion I've ever had!!! It is doing wonderful things to my skin!! Thank you so much!!!
I got the Shea Butter!!! Oh, my skin is so so so happy right now. This stuff is truly miraculous. It is the ONLY thing I've used that manages to moisturize my skin without having to reapply it 100 times a day, and trust me, I've tried [almost] everything. PLUS it doesn't elicit an allergic reaction or irritation at all, which is rare. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!.... I will definitely be telling all my friends about the website. Count me in as a lifetime customer... Love ya,
First, let me say that I love love love your products! I'm always happy with what I get when it's fairly traded and doesn't harm the environment, but I can say unequivocally that I LOVE your shea butter. I'd use your products even if offered others that are fairly traded and environmentally safe. My skin hasn't felt or looked this great in years.
I love your products, especially the coconut cream!
I love your company, your products, and everything you stand for. Thanks so much. I'm addicted to Alaffia.
First let me say, I've been searching for black soap in this country for awhile and only sporadically found a bar here and there. Thank you for bringing such a consistent, high quality product!
It was really GREAT to see you & your awesome business yesterday, & also meet some of the folks! Thank you SO MUCH for all you are doing & telling us about it. We are so happy to see someone doing such good work with such style & energy! I've already tried the face cream & body lotion, they are amazing! Like I've never used before! I'll be back soon to buy more to send to my niece! I hope you're working on a hair shampoo recipe! GO ALAFFIA! We salute you! AWESOME website!!
-Kim and Don
Hello, I just received my order, and am amazed at how my very dry skin has remained hydrated for at least two days after using the products. I had never used any shea butter before, and it is fabulous!!! I am also very happy to see what your goals are, and feel good to be a part of positive change of quality of life, even on some small scale. I promise to spread word of your website to all. Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to the world!
WOW! Finally, a soap that leaves my face feeling moist and squeeky clean! And your Skin Recovery Cream works like magic on my moisture-starved face. I'm sold on Neem & Shea Butter Soap, and Neem & Shea Butter Skin Recovery Cream. After one day I see amazing results! The lines around my eyes are less noticeable, and my face is pink and smooth and moist. No more expensive and toxic chemicals on this face! My skin of 59 has come back to life! Thanks, ALAFFIA!
I love the product line! I have been going crazy buying lotion/soap/creme combos for my friends and family for birthdays in an effort to keep your product flying off the shelf and develop more of a customer base in our area! I love the new packaging, and the new scents. Looking forward to more.
Dear Friends, I have been using and enjoying Alaffia products for months now - from the day I learned about it from friends. I really love your creams and soaps! But I didn't imagine how great it is for my child, too! My 2 1/2 yr old son had been having rashes, probably heat rash, that was itchy and getting worse each day. I tried all kinds of lotions, including some prescription lotions from the doctor. Nothing helped and it got worse for two weeks. It hadn't occurred to me to use Alaffia on a little child, but one night I just tried it when he said it smelled so good. I put the Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream on his rashes on his arms and legs. The next morning, the redness and itching were nearly gone! I was thrilled and amazed! I put a little more on in the morning. By evening it was all gone. So I apply a little on him twice a day now; a little goes a long way on a little guy. All of my family enjoy it - my son (whose baby skin is soft again), my husband (whose psoriasis is eased now that he is also using it), and me, too (I am over 40 yrs old and have no wrinkles yet, yay!). Thank you for beautiful products and even more beautiful philosophy and purpose in your company. All the best,
Every so often Life gives you a special gift - That gift for me is your wonderful company - the products you make are of rare quality - and to know that I am a part of that growth means a great deal to me - yes that is life's gift to me. Thank you for the wonderful Shea Butter, Black soap and many of the other items i will be ordering from you. Your work is truly a labor of love.
The other day I was in my local health foods store and I saw your products on a self. I decided to test them out, mainly because I saw that they came from Africa. I just spent four months in Rwanda, contemplating the difficulties of international development and wondering how you 'help people to help themselves'. This seems like a wonderful program to empower people in Africa, rather than just being a charity or hand-out. I was very excited to see that an organization like this exists. And, I'm loving my lotion!! Thank you!!! Keep up the great work.
- Elizabeth
... I've order from your company twice and I found that the Shea Butter you offer is the best I've used and I've tried a lot. My daughter has excema and she is the reason I order and I make soap every so often. Along with reasonable prices your product is WONDERFUL!!! I just wrote to say Thank You and if I ever open up a beauty salon again I will surely sell your shea butter.
I have used all types of skin creams for hand and face! Dermologica, Chanel, Neutregena, Natural Science, Aveeda, Bath and Body, Kiehl's etc. , etc but I LOVE YOUR Kpangnan Butter Smoothing Lotion I purchased at New Seasons in Oregon!!! It is the best product ever!
Just a quick thank you for making these products. I bought the Shea & Honey shampoo for dry/damaged hair 2 days ago, and I loved it so much that next day I went back (Whole Foods, Bellevue) to buy the same Conditioner and also the Leave-in Conditioner! Great 3 products!!! I tried your Coconut body cream in the jar, and smells fantastic, so that is my next purchase soon!!!
I received my order earlier this week and wanted to tell I WILL CONTINUE to order your products and spread the word. The shampoos and soap....I love it! Pass on the word please. Peace,
For six days, twice a day I've been using Neem & Shea Butter Soap and Neem & Shea Butter Skin Recovery Cream with amazing results! The red bumps, dry flakes, and old, wrinkled skin are gone! I used to dread washing my face and putting on makeup. Now, I can't wait! Throughout the day, I pat my face just to see if it still feels moist, and it does! Oh, and I love the clean fragrance of both the Soap and Recovery Cream; it lasts all day long! I feel so pampered! Your products are just plain fun to use. They work! Thanks, Alaffia!
The virgin coconut cream is so nice and fresh... It makes my face feel so good. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering soon.
I'm a passionate person so when I come across products that I like I just want to let anyone and everyone know. I love Trader Joe's but I haven't even emailed their company and I've been loving their products for over a year now. I came across your products in Madison Market in Downtown Seattle. I'm a black female, 39 years old with nappy, kinky hair. I love my hair. I wear my hair in twists. I basically wash it and take two strands, apply a product and just twist the two strands and it stays in place and I wear it for a week at a time. I've been continually looking and changing products from expensive ones to non natural products but always trying to find natural products. It's been a challenge. I just threw away my old products 2 minutes ago and now I will continue to use your products. Loving the lotion for the hair! I treated myself and purchased a bar of soap. I'm a thrifty person and don't shop much but love to be natural when it works for me. Thanks for your products and I might even head over to olympia one day in my smart car. I'm loving my hair again and I can go back to a natural products. Thanks so far.
I emailed earlier today to check the status of my order but sure enough was pleasantly surprised to see it at my door this afternoon. I can't tell you enough how overjoyed I am! My 17-month old daughter loves, loves, loves her shea butter & honey nourishing shampoo & conditioner as well as her lotion and shea butter blissful baby balm! I can't wait to try the soap that I got for myself as well. Thank you VERY much for making such fantastic products!! I've been waiting forever for something that is natural and free of chemicals for my child. Plus we are a multicultural family so it's nice to FINALLY find a product that is well suited for our hair and skin (especially my daughter who has really curly hair - it's been impossible to find a good conditioner for her type of hair that is natural and free of all these horrible chemicals).I will be launching a social networking site for mothers on May 1st so I will be sure to mention your company on my site!
-Maria (A VERY Happy Customer)
Please don't ever discontinue your [Neem & Shea] Skin Recovery Cream! I have extremely sensitive skin and rare types of outbreaks. I did some research and learned that "Neem" could help my situation. I went to the Puget Consumer's Coop to see if they had any "Neem" products and luckily found your product. It is wonderful. A friend recently told me how much better my skin looks. I love everything about your cream - it's healing qualities and the way it goes on the skin and doesn't leave an oily or sticky feeling on the skin. Just a nice, moist feeling. Thank you for making this wonderful cream!
I ordered your Shea Butter with Dead Sea Salt Soap and Black Soap a few weeks ago through Afrikan Republic. The quality of your soap is amazing. I am currently deployed to Kuwait and the water is very hard. Your soap leaves my skin feeling soft. I love the fact that you give back to the West African community. Thank you for all that you do.
I placed an order just a couple of days ago and I received it already! It was amazing. Thank you! I am a very satisfied customer. I bought your products to use on my daughter who is African American. Thank you so much.
I bought the cocoa butter lotion and it's amazing! This is the best skin lotion that I have found..Your lotion is 100% natural free of alcohol and it's so pure and satisfying. Thank you so much for your products.
I am so glad that I decided to try your Tangerine Ginger body lotion. It's the best lotion I've tried and moisturizes without causing irritation or breakouts on my body. I've gone through two bottles, and just had Super Supplements in Olympia order a third for me.
I have been using both of these products for 6 months. I just wanted to let you know that they are the best I have ever used. I simply can't thank you enough for creating such wonderful earth friendly products. I don't have acne, but my skin can get an occasional brake out, but after using the antioxidant face soap I haven't gotten one since. The antioxidant face cream is fabulous, and my skin feeling so soft. I will now be using these products for life. I have used a very expensive Estee lauder antioxidant cream but it doesn't compare to Alaffia's. Thanks again!
I am a black woman who wears her hair in a natural style (meaning I do not use any chemicals to process or straighten my hair). Your products have been my most wonderful discovery for helping to manage my hair while emphasizing it's natural beauty. I especially enjoy the Coconut and Shea daily conditioner and the enriching hair lotion!
Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your products and the philosophy of your company! I first found out about your shampoo after a friend suggested I look for haircare products that didn't contain methylisothiazoline, formaldehyde, or other dangerous chemicals. After reading about your fair trade work, I decided to give your shampoo and conditioner a try, and I'm so glad I did! Not only do I feel good about supporting sustainable and ethical businesses, my hair looks and smells wonderful (always a plus). Thanks for the work you do!
I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your products. I have been using the face care line for 2 months and my skin looks amazing!
I bought many of your products, and I like them a lot. Unrefined/unscented shea butter is my BIG favorite, also the Virgin Coconut Body Cream!!!) Yesterday I tried your Rooibos/Shea/Coconut Antioxidant face cream, and I liked it very much, so I will buy it soon.
I've just purchased 59 ml of your Handcrafted Shea Butter and I want to let you know that I am more than satisfied with your product. This shea butter has exceeded all of my expectations. I am a 45 year old male and I use a variety of skin care products. I typically apply some MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide cream, once or twice a day and I have tried a few of their products for my delicate occuli area. The citrus within MyChelle creams, often has a peel like drying effect on the upper eyelids and in some patchy areas along the lower eye region. For many reasons, I had been in a constant state of dismay over the other shea butter products on my store's shelf but primarily, it was due to the unwanted fillers and preservatives, which are listed on your competitor's containers. I spoke again with the health and beauty manager at Whole Foods and she pointed out Alaffia. Alaffia products are obviously new to me, as it is a new product line as well, at the local Whole Foods super market in Cincinnati. I am planning to try out many more of your handcrafted products, with great confidence that I will be just as pleasantly surprised with them, as I was this time with your shea butter recipe. My countless thanks to all at Alaffia.
- Reuven
I love Alaffia! I have been using the Rooibos & Shea Butter Antioxidant Cream for over a year now, and I wanted to just share with you how much I love your product. Our local co-op here in Boise, ID turned me onto this product and I have been hooked ever since. My face glows when I use it and so does my conscience! Thank you for making such an amazing product with such great quality and great concern.
I love your lotion products and have tried many of them. It has helped my son's eczema tremendously.
I just wanted to say that I am in hair heaven, thanks to your shea butter & honey conditioner. My hair isn't especially dry or damaged, but it's very, very long and fine, and while it's straight has a tendency to dry out and frizz. Most conditioners just don't cut it, either being too light or too heavy, or I haven't been able to leave my hair down for a long time because of the frizz. But this conditioner! It's great. I've been wearing my hair down all day, and without any products on it my hair is straight with no annoying frizzies. It's amazing.
Just want to say, that although you haven't seen orders coming through from me, I have been using your products for 2 years. i have been purchasing them locally at Whole Foods. The only thing of yours I can't find there is your lip balm. I LOVE YOUR LIP Balms. So, my friend (who I made into an Alaffia convert) places an order periodically so that we can get lip balms. Glad to see you're thriving. Keep up the good work.
-Ecindy Stein
I have tried all of your face creams (my favorite being Skin Recovery) and just love them. The smell is usually just right (not overwhelming), they feel very good and the design of both the packaging and cream container is also very chic. In addition I love the fact that the products are so pure and even benefit a good cause.
-Karen Nordstrom
Love the curly hair products!!!!
-Heather Dans
I just received my three bottles of shea butter unscented moisturizing lotion. Thank you. I love this lotion.
-Jasmine Chandra
Love your Virgin Coconut Body Cream.
-Juli Gordon
I have an old bottle of Shea and Red Palm Nurturing Lotion with a SAVANNAH SPICE fragrance. There is nothing else like it - it has a wonderful fragrance!
-Barbara Gardner
I recently purchased a leave in conditioner for curly hair (Beautiful Curls) when I was at a Whole Foods store in Portland, OR. I love it
Recently I purchased qty. of four 2 ounce jars of the Handcrafted Shea Butter (unscented). This product works wonderfully for my daughter and grandson who both have severe ectopic dermatitis and eczema. I am so glad to be able to support a certified fair trade company and I will be sure to tell all of my friends and family about Alaffia. Thank you for taking an active role in making gender equality a reality and fair trade part of your everyday of business and life.
-Pamela Brown
Your company's product is wonderful & so glad about the fair trade & sustainable policy as well!
-Nik Lareau
I love your Rooibos & Shea Butter Antioxidant Face Cream.
-Rachel Lawrence
Having just spent a hour on your various web pages I am just stunned and amazed at the quality and variety of products that you offer. The fact that everything is fairly traded and the empowerment work you are doing makes this all seem to good to be true, but it is! Everything is also so affordable.
I purchased your Rooibos and Shea Face Cream from Whole Foods here in Charlottesville VA. GREAT Cream.
-Amanda Bozek
I just used your facial soap on my body and it was great!!! Lots of suds and it washes off so clean, no residue. I wondered if I could get away using a face soap on my body. It works. I also use the Melon Serum on my face, neck and under my eyes and the Coconut lotion on my body. I also use the other Coconut Cream in the jar at night on my feet before bed. Great products!!!
I recently bought a bottle of the Antioxidant Shea Butter Face Cream and love it!
I recently purchased your antioxidant Facial Toner-it is an excellent product !. I trusted that it would be good product when I bought it because the very first ingredient listed was not water so I knew that it would be concentrated. It works excellent to hydrate my normal skin without causing breakouts. Thank you for making such a great product.
- Surjit Mann
I love your sesame oil in the little glass bottle!
-Kelly Ireland
I recently tried your body cream and the scent is the best one I have ever smelled!! I love it. It lasts long too. Thanks for making such great smelling products!
I love being able to support your company and its mission to help others by simply making a purchase that I need to use each month.
-Michele Whittington
I was recently in Wholefoods and saw the Alaffia product line on display. My interest peaked when I saw it contained Rooibos and Shea Butter. I purchased the Rooibos and Shea butter antioxidant face cream and the shea butter night radiance face cream. I really like the products. I do truly like my face creams!
-G Logan
I bought some Cocoa Butter intensive Body Lotion and really like it. Works VERY well. So I bought the Virgin Coconut Body Cream to try next. I clean houses for income and need good cream for my hands.
-Vicki Thompson