Alaffia on CNN African Voices: Changemakers


As many of you may already know, Alaffia was recently featured on CNN International in a segment called African Voices: Changemakers. It is such an honor to be recognized for the change that we’re establishing in West Africa and to be given this recent springboard to further illuminate our work and call in any partners who may wish to contribute in our efforts or establish their own social enterprises to effect change around the globe.

I extend my kind thanks to the many who have helped to create, produce and support the making of this African Voices: Changemakers segment. From producer Earl Nurse and team who came to visit me in Togo and Ghana and allowed me the privilege of sharing my home and Alaffia’s roots, to our talented b-roll videographer Sam Han of Rudy Studios in Seattle who captured our Olympia HQ’s and production facility so elegantly and internal team members whose support was vital — I am beyond thrilled.

My hope is that showcasing our social impact projects and enterprise model in a more grand way than ever before, demonstrates that this type of venture is more than possible, it is necessary if societies are going to begin to heal from profit centric models of business that devalue people and deplete resources—especially from an already ravaged region of the world. As some say — “go big or go home” and I am happy to say that both are achievable. Alaffia is both, going big and coming home. My Togolese home is the impetus for everything that is Alaffia and continues to inspire me daily.

This thirteen-minute segment on African Voices: Changemakers gives a brief overview of our Alaffia flagship product and a Togolese stable, the Authentic African Black Soap. It’s what got us started and continues to drive us forward in our mission of ending poverty in West Africa. Most importantly this video calls attention to the importance of cultural integrity. It is never my intention to come in and make changes to the community without knowing what the needs and goals of said community are. We’ve recently been able to establish yet another shea butter crafting facility in Sherigu, Northern Ghana for which we held a ceremony to initiate and bless this new opportunity for continued growth and sustained empowerment. I am overjoyed to know that this story was covered on CNN as well.

The African Voices: Changemakers segment has been picked up by a variety of media outlets and can be found on our brand YouTube channel to view and share. I hope you enjoy and find yourself inspired to be creative in melding the needs of your community however large or small, with your future business plans and profit-making endeavors. It can be done, friends. – Olowo-n’djo Tchala
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