Baby Alaffia


Abide, a midwife who served the women in our Maternal Health Empowerment Project, was riding her motorcycle and came across a young woman, Hodalo, on the side of the road who was distressed and in pain. Hodalo was in labor and had been personally affected by FGM earlier in her life, which can make labor and delivery painful and life-threatening to mother and child.   

Abide took Hodalo to the nearest clinic where they told her they couldn’t care for her because she could not pay for services. Abide assured them that Alaffia would handle any payments and helped support Hodalo through labor. She had a healthy birth. Hodalo was so grateful that she named her baby “Alaffia" (pictured above with mother Hodalo.) There would be many more babies named “Alaffia” to come.

Abide with her motorcycle is a common site throughout areas in Togo. Alaffia is blessed to work with Abide, previously one of our amazing midwives, who helped bring new life into this world and support mothers throughout their pregnancies. Abide now works as director of special missions acting as a liaison between Alaffia and health clinic staff. To date, Alaffia has funded 5,597 births in Togo (as of December 31, 2019). 

Pictured: Abide and her motorcycle 

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