Beautiful Arrival


I've long awaited this opportunity to unveil the newest addition to our community empowerment projects. Our signature Maternal Care Project, Beautiful Arrival, is expanding into the U.S. Not only is this name appropriate because of the important work of ushering in new life and helping mothers to safely bring their children earth-side—it's also fitting because of how this program comes to fruition. We've selected partners with shared values and reciprocity, Sista Midwife Productions and Equity Before Birth. Sista Midwife is a New Orleans-based, organization whose mission is to eliminate perinatal disparities. They employ Black birth workers, teach families about their options and rights, and are working to ensure transparency and accountability among childbirth communities as well as the medical obstetrical system. In a very similar vein Equity Before Birth, out of Durham North Carolina, is working to remove financial barriers that keep women from having access to reliable and quality maternal care. 


The maternal death rate in the U.S. for women of color is staggering—for Black women more than double that of white women and for Hispanic women, more than 3x. Even in the states with the lowest pregnancy mortality rate ratio and among women with higher levels of education, significant differences persist. The factor that lead to mortality rates are usually a combination of institutional racism, as well as black women's increased susceptibility to certain health conditions and lack of access to care.

Since 2006, Alaffia has been committed to funding safe births in Togo, West Africa, and to-date has helped over 6,500 women. Our expansion stateside is the natural progression and next step in growing Alaffia's maternal care. I’m heartened that we’ll be able to have a bigger impact in the U.S. with these two organizations who are devoted to serving our communities in need. 

Alaffia will donate 5% of Beautiful Curls sales to Beautiful Arrival. We look to your partnership to help provide much-needed maternal care. Let’s join together to support the future of our mothers and their blessings!

Please stay tuned for more updates. I look forward to sharing our success stories with you! 

Humbly Yours, 

Olowo-n'djo Tchala 


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