Woezɔlo (way-zo) or Welcome to Alaffia’s Careers Page!

Alaffia is comprised of talented individuals, across all disciplines, dedicated to our mission of empowering communities in the U.S. and West Africa through the fair trade of indigenous resources and knowledge. If you’re looking for meaningful, fulfilling work alongside a team of passionate individuals looking to change the world, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our current open positions! Don’t see the position you’re looking for? Feel free to stop by later as we update our positions regularly.

Yanakokari (Thank you).

Working at Alaffia

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    Blending Lead

    Nate has been with Alaffia for 7 years working entirely in the production department as a blending lead. He’s proud to be a part of Alaffia’s mission and stands firmly behind his favorite product, Africa’s Secret. Nate has a wide variety of interests outside of work including home brewing, naturopathic medicine and sports.

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    Maintenance Lead

    Jose has been an employee at Alaffia for 4 years as a production lead in filling. He enjoys playing soccer as a pastime and feels passionately about our Bicycles for Education project. Jose’s favorite Alaffia product is our NEW! Age Defying body scrub.

Open Positions

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