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AYÉYA | Shop eco-friendly and sustainable baskets from West Africa
Apr 07, 2023
If you have ever wondered what became of the popular Alaffia handwoven baskets that were...
2022 Glossy Awards
Jul 22, 2022
I'm humbled to have been recently named a Glossy 2022 Founder of the Year. With...
Lessons from Ina
Jul 19, 2022
My mother’s name is Ina. She raised me alongside seven other children in an 8’...
Jul 19, 2022
FGM or Female Genital Mutilation is personal to me because my mother, Ina, was a...
Alaffia on CNN African Voices: Changemakers
Apr 02, 2021
As many of you may already know, Alaffia was recently featured on CNN International in...
Togo Gets An Agricultural Reboot - Reforestation Project
Mar 03, 2021
As you well know, a main impetus of Alaffia’s beginning was when I met Rose in the 90’s as she was serving my hometown as a sustainable agriculture volunteer in the Peace Corps. As fate would have it, we became partners in both life and business. Her wisdom of ethnobotany, the study of the relationship between humans and flora combined with my cultural knowledge of what is native and indigenous to our part of the world would feed and sustain our work together and inform many of our Alaffia hair and body care formulations. We capitalized on the synergy between our two world views, melded our resources and created Alaffia, which I am so very proud to say continues to put the health of our natural world at the top of our radar and priority list. The Alaffia Foundation has an empowerment project entirely dedicated to sustainable agriculture and if you’re not already familiar here’s a little bit about what we’re doing.